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Amedeo Sandri, Maurizio Falloppi

Kitchen stories from Vicenza

with twenty-one forgotten recipes and four Palladian dishes
Collana: Fuori Collana
Anno: 2023
Nr. Pagine: 316
Isbn: 9791259971296

There is no future without a past … even in the kitchen!



If it is true that a cookbook is worth no less than any other great work of human creativity and ingenuity, then the large and varied gastronomic patrimony of Vicenza and its province provides it with equivalent pride and recognition as its most famous architect: Andrea Palladio. In this book, renowned chef Amedeo Sandri shares with us tales from many domestic and professional kitchens across the region; tales of food and family life, which date back to those days when life was frugal and the people of Vicenza lived off the offerings of the land. With eight recipes for each month ‒ two complete menus of first courses, second courses, side dishes and desserts, and another “rediscovered” twenty-one recipes, saved from oblivion for the delight of our palates ‒ this new edition is enriched with four “Palladian” recipes, originally written by the famous sixteenth-century chef Cristoforo di Messisbugo. To complete each menu, the wine suggestions to best accompany the food have been carefully chosen by the sommelier Maurizio Falloppi. A “didactic tale”, as Giuseppe Maffioli describes it in his introduction, “seasoned” by Amedeo Sandri with memories and anecdotes that complete a culinary landscape that goes beyond taste and turns into emotion. But also, and above all, an easy guide for anyone who wishes to revive the memory of traditional Vicenza cuisine at their table.


Amedeo Sandri is one of the greatest interpreters of Venetian cuisine. Formerly a teacher in hospitality schools and editor of the magazine «La Cucina Italiana», he regularly organises and speaks at gastronomy courses, with particular regard to healthy cooking and traditional Venetian cuisine. He is also the author of many successful publications.

Maurizio Falloppi is a consultant for numerous food and catering companies and a professional sommelier. He specialises in creating food and wine events in historic villas around Vicenza and the Veneto region. He is the author of various publications on Venetian wines and their traditional production methods.

Carlotta Novella is a London based architect, artist, cook and university professor, originally from Vicenza. She begun a collaboration with Amedeo and Maurizio in 2022, to translate La Cucina Vicentina into English. 



«La Lettura (Corriere della Sera)»