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Luca Barcellona

Take Your Pleasure Seriously

Anno: 2019
Nr. Pagine: 240
Isbn: 9788898030026




Interview with Chaz Bojórquez, text by Luca Barcellona, Giovanni De Faccio and Nicola “DeeMo” Peressoni


This new paperback edition of Take Your Pleasure Seriously fills the gap for those who couldn’t get the first hard cover edition, after it went sold out in 2015. Luca Barcellona’s remarkable and internationally reknown work, shown in our lucky debut title, is now available in a larger size, and more affordable pricewise. We were convinced to reprint the book by our readers’ unstoppable demand about this worldwide much appreciated author. The silkscreened cover and the bigger format keep on the physical and visual experience, making it as anjoyable as the first edition.



For Luca Barcellona, Italian graphic designer and calligrapher, letters are the building blocks of his creations. From Carolingian to tags, from the quill to the spray can, Barcellona takes the age-old craft of lettering to new heights with the inventiveness and talent of a contemporary virtuoso. His striking, expressive, and original letterforms and compositions open onto uncharted territory, laying the foundations of a new writing style. Barcellona’s versatile work is admired and commissioned by major brands in the world of fashion, music, cinema, and publishing.



• First monograph to be published on the artist. • The beautifully designed and produced book features hundreds of drawings including commissioned work, personal projects, performances, and many never-seen-before work. • Barcellona is internationally considered one of the most important lettering artists working today. • Ideal for calligraphers, graphic designers, type designers, art directors, advertising professionals, illustrators, and students. • Long seller title, consistantly requested • Same content as first edition, bigger size, cheaper price

Luca Barcellona uses letters as the building blocks - Steven Heller